Media Bankruptcy Lawyers Offer a Viable Option for Chapter 7

Handling your Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Delaware and Chester counties

The question of whether to file bankruptcy is complicated — don’t face the decision alone, without reliable legal guidance. The David R. Black’s Bankruptcy Legal Group, a division of Black & Associates, P.C., helps Pennsylvania clients resolve their financial hardships through bankruptcy. Our focus is on reducing your burden of debt and reestablishing your financial freedom.

What exactly is Chapter 7?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy provides a fresh start for individuals or businesses burdened by debt. Chapter 7 is the most common form of bankruptcy.  Most clients who file for Chapter 7 will be able to retain all of their property, including their home, vehicle, among other assets. Our knowledgeable attorneys thoroughly explain the process, ramifications for your existing and future credit, the time frame involved, and the requirements of the Chapter 7 means test.

A Chapter 7 can eliminate unsecured debts, which include:

  • Credit card bills
  • Medical bills
  • Personal loans
  • Older income taxes
  • Memberships
  • Utilities
  • Garnishments
  • Attorneys fees

In addition, Chapter 7 can also eliminate personal liability on overwhelming mortgage and car loans and help individuals rebalance their budget.

How can a Media bankruptcy lawyer help you?

The David R. Black’s Bankruptcy Legal Group has compassionately handled bankruptcy cases for more than 30 years. Too many people hope to avoid before reaching out for help. Don’t be one of them.  We offer:

  • Understanding of your individual circumstances — Every financial circumstance is unique, and finding the best solution requires a solid understanding of your finances and goals for your future.
  • Intricate knowledge of the filing process — Our knowledgeable lawyers and staff will personally guide you through this overwhelming process. After your case is filed, we continue to monitor all pleadings and additional filings to ensure your case proceeds smoothly.
  • A vested interest in your future — At David R. Black’s Bankruptcy Legal Group, we maintain a personal connection with our clients and are with you every step of the way – from the free initial consultation, all the way through your case, and are available by e-mail or phone daily from 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. for any other questions or concerns. In addition, we offer a credit-repair specialist to assist you after the bankruptcy process has been finalized.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of filing Chapter 7?

Our Media bankruptcy attorneys evaluate your unique financial situation and guide you accordingly. Advantages to a Pennsylvania Chapter 7 filing include:

  • Protection against creditors. Starting on the date of the filing, you’ll be protected against wage garnishments, sheriff sales, tax liens, and harassing phone calls.
  • No minimum debt requirements. There’s no set amount of debt needed to file for Chapter 7.
  • Speedy relief. In most cases, unless a creditor files a complaint, the bankruptcy court issues a discharge order within 3 – 4 months, so you won’t have to wait for your fresh start on life.
  • Income or means test requirements. To file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must qualify based on the amount of income your household received in the six (6) months prior to filing. David R. Black’s Bankruptcy Legal Group will perform this detailed analysis and calculation to determine if you qualify.

In some cases, however, Chapter 7 might not be the best option for you. If you’re facing foreclosure, or if you wish to keep property not covered by the Pennsylvania exemptions, we can explore other options for debt relief. At David R. Black’s Bankruptcy Legal Group, we sit down with you to have a frank and open discussion about how best to proceed.

Call for a free consultation to see if a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the key to your financial freedom

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