What to Do Before You Meet with Your Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you decide to file for bankruptcy, you need to start the process of collecting documents that will be required. Gathering information before you sit down with your attorney will save time and be a cost-effective measure. Your attorney may ask for other documentation down the road, but providing a substantial amount of your records early on is a wise approach so that your lawyer can better understand your full financial picture.

Depending on the chapter under which you file, you may have different records requirements. Generally you need to provide valuation and lists of the following for a bankruptcy filing:

  • Household goods, including electronic equipment and computers
  • Cash
  • Special items such as art, antiques, rare books, furs and jewelry
  • Vehicles you own
  • Real property that you own including its address and whether there are any secured claims against it
  • Income from wages and other sources including pay stubs and deductions
  • Name and address of your employer
  • List of lawsuits you have been involved with in the past year
  • List of all creditors and amount of debt you owe to each
  • List of checking and savings accounts
  • Pension and profit sharing accounts
  • Stocks, annuities, bonds and other investments
  • Names and addresses of any co-debtors
  • List of contracts and leases
  • Business equipment and machinery
  • Tax refunds owed to you
  • Insurance policies

The more information you gather, the smoother the process of exploring bankruptcy options will be. For questions about finances or bankruptcy contact David R. Black’s Bankruptcy Legal Group for effective solutions.

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