Is Bankruptcy Right for You?

Is your sleep disturbed each night due to money woes and financial worries? Does your phone constantly ring and leave you in fear that it might be someone calling about bills you owe? Are you falling behind in paying your mortgage and credit card bills? Then bankruptcy might be the answer for you.

Declaring bankruptcy can give you a fresh financial start. While filing for bankruptcy should not be done without serious examination of your finances, sometimes it does make the most sense. Bankruptcy can put a stop to the hounding of creditors and can give you a little time to breathe while you come up with a plan for your financial future.

Credit counseling is a good idea when you are considering declaring bankruptcy. Someone with an objective eye can examine your situation and advise you on the types of bankruptcy that might be best for your situation. Regardless of the type of bankruptcy you choose, filing for bankruptcy generally results in an automatic stay of debt collection. You can keep your car, your home, and your possessions while you go through the process.

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