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Are you:

  • Burdened by financial difficulties?
  • Consumed by the stress of debt collectors?
  • Afraid of losing your home or possessions?

Each client who walks through our doors has unique circumstances that require individual attention and consideration. For more than 30 years, the attorneys at the David R. Smith Bankruptcy Group, a division of Black, Stranick & Cella, P.C., have successfully guided individuals and businesses to financial independence and a fresh start, free from the burdens of excessive debt.

Should I file bankruptcy?

At the David R. Black’s Bankruptcy Group, we do not believe in pressuring our clients to file bankruptcy. We welcome the question, “Should I file bankruptcy?” Our Media bankruptcy lawyers take this question seriously and address it from all relevant viewpoints, considering what is best for you, your family and your business. And if you decide filing for bankruptcy is the right choice for you, we walk you through the steps for filing.

Individuals contemplating bankruptcy as an option are often plagued with concern about the social stigma and negative implications commonly associated with bankruptcy. Your credit is something you have protected and worked very hard to establish, and now the possibilities of damaging consequences to your credit score are staggering.

What are the advantages of filing for bankruptcy?

Again, each situation is unique, but it is important to consider the potential benefits in filing for bankruptcy, such as:

  • Automatic stay — Your creditors must cease all collection activities immediately following the bankruptcy filing. Our office acts on your behalf to shield you from:
  • Demand letters
  • Foreclosure
  • Garnishments
  • Repossessions
  • Telephone calls
  • Sheriff sales
  • Reorganization — Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy gives you the opportunity to pay a portion of the debt back over a period of three to five years, after which the court discharges the remaining debt.
  • Car loans — An automatic stay protects your vehicle from repossession. Under Chapter 13, you may be able to include your car loan payments in your debt reorganization so you can keep your car.
  • Mortgage payments — Under Chapter 13, it may be possible to reduce your monthly debt payments so your mortgage becomes more manageable and you’re able to keep your home.
  • Discharge of debt — Chapter 7 provides immediate relief from dischargeable debt, which includes:
    • Credit cards
    • Medical bills
    • Most personal loans
  • Wage garnishments — A bankruptcy filing puts an immediate stop to wage garnishments.
  • Bank levy — Your automatic stay prevents a creditor who has placed a levy on your bank account from collecting those funds.
  • Foreclosure defense — A bankruptcy can buy you time. During bankruptcy proceedings, you can work on payment arrangements, sale options, loan modifications or other means to get back on track financially.

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